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Naomi W.

Naomi W.

What is your position?

-Protocol Intern at Relevent Sports at RSE Ventures (May 2015-October 2015)

-Sports Endorsements Intern at Creative Artists Agency (June 2016-August 2016)

-Digital Marketing Intern at ESPN (January 2017-March 2017)


Tell me a little bit about why you were interested in joining the sports industry?

When I was in high school, I played tennis and was getting recruited to colleges. However, I decided to drop my offers and just apply to Barnard without getting recruited through Columbia’s athletics. I grew up playing various sports as well so when I came to college and stopped training completely, I did not feel right.


Did you ever feel that being a woman was a hindrance in your role? Do you see a lack of representation of women where you work?

In my two out of three internships experiences, I definitely felt being a woman was a hindrance in my role. Working as a woman in sports especially within soccer and in an agency, there is a definite lack of representation of women. You are treated different because you are a woman too. I remember being asked to wear nice clothes and to stand around. Moments of like this made me want to give up, but I decided I still wanted to be a part of this industry. When I got my internship at ESPN, the whole dynamic changed. There were more women and more POCs. It really depends on the environment and the company itself.


What advice would you give women who wish to enter the industry?

My advice would be to never lose confidence or your self worth when working in this industry. It is easy to feel discouraged because the sports industry is known to be a “boys club.” If you keep doing your work and holding your head up high, you will get far.


What do you love about working in sports/where you work?

 I loved working at ESPN because people were so welcoming and genuinely listened to my ideas, no mater my race or gender. I also just love the atmosphere. Most sports companies have an open door policy and the space has to be collaborative. 

Amanda S.

Amanda S.

Alison A.

Alison A.