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Kristin P.

Kristin P.

What are your positions? 

I am the Sport Operations Assistant for MSU Men's Basktball and the Director/Founder of Females in Athletic Business

Tell me a little bit about why you entered the sports industry? 

I entered the sports industry to put something I am very passionate about (sports) to work for me.  To make sure that what I do for a living is also something I love.

What does FAB do and why did you create it?

 FAB was created to help women turn their passion for sports into a job they love.  We also want to support women who are already in the industry by providing them with a network, best practices and education.  We provide job shadows, job openings, education, networking, and mentorship for sports-minded women.

Did you ever feel that being a woman was a hindrance in your role?

  I feel like "hindrance" puts a negative spin on the challenges that women face.  But they do face unique challenges in the sports industry. Being taken seriously and learning to communicate with all types of people are two of the biggest challenges that I think women face in this industry.  

Do you see a lack of representation of women where you work?

 I believe there is a lack of women working in operations in college sports in general.  There is only one Director of Operations in B1G Mens Basketball that is a female. The more qualified women that put themselves in positions to be hired, the better off the woman will be that come after them. It's about paving a path for fellow sports minded women.

What advice would you give women who wish to enter the industry? 

Put yourself in positions to have the good things happen to you.  Getting your dream job in sports will be a mixture of skill and luck.  You will need to be ready and qualified for when the opportunities present themselves.  But if they don't, be ready to make your own opportunities.  Know how to speak to all kinds of people so that you can sell yourself in the moments that allow it.

What do you love about working in sports especially now that FAB is a large aspect in your professional career? 

I love that everyday at my job is different.  Even when the day starts out as routine, it never ends that way. Being around something I love so much (sports) makes the work seem like a privilege and I am so grateful for that.  FAB just makes all of that better because I can share my great fortune with others by hopefully helping them get their dream job as well.

Do you have a mentor in the industry? If so, what is their gender? Do you think female mentorship would help increase female visibility within sports? 

I have about 4 women that I consider my mentors.  Their strongest trait in terms of their mentorship is their willingness and ability to tell me the things that are hard to hear.  They guided me through my challenges, helped me be a more well-rounded person and never gave up on me.  Females pushing forward females will only help more females to succeed in sports.  Being each others' advocates is always a positive thing.

Aside from FAB, are there any groups and organizations that you recommend college women join to help them enter the sports industry? 

 I recommend getting involved with as many groups as you can give your attention to.  Join the ones that are relevant to your goals and put your energy into them...that is when you'll get the most out of them.  Make sure that when you're involved in organizations that you're using them to the fullest extent that you're meant to. Don't miss out on anything they offer that can give you a leg up.  


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