Hi I am Morgan! I am originally from Boca Raton, Florida, and I am currently in my fourth year at Barnard College in New York City. At Barnard, I am an Athena Scholar studying Economics. Through the Athena Scholars program, students complete a Social Action Project, where they are to create an initiative that addresses a societal problem of their choosing. 

When thinking about the problem I wanted to address, I looked to something I have always been passionate about: sports. 

Ever since I was little, sports have been a large part of my life. I played water polo and swam for over seven years, and my love for sports provided me with commonalities with my peers. One thing that I have always loved about sports is that despite peoples' differences, sports have the power to provide a unifying and common language for fans all across the world.

Despite my undying love for sports and everything related to them, I have always found disconnected from the industry in terms of my profession.

I always wanted to work in some area of sports, yet I have felt that the lack of female visibility within the industry has served as deterrence for me to actually pursue this goal. This project made me think about what resources I would have wanted at the beginning of college, in order learn more about the experiences of  being a woman working in this male-dominated industry. 

This is how Wom(In) Sports was created. 

 My hope for Wom(In) Sports is to highlight women working in sports, and to share unfiltered (good and bad) perspectives on what it is really like to have  job in the industry. Not only will the website spotlight these professional, but it will also highlight other organizations and initiatives that share similar goals in terms of evening the playing field and increasing women's participation in the sports industry. By telling these stories and sharing the insight from those within sports, I want to show young women, that although it may not seem like the case 100% of the time, there are women who do work in this industry and love it. This, I hope, empowers them to actually follow their passion for sports, and turn them into actual professions. 

Inspiring women can inspire change in this field, and I cannot wait to enter this conversation through Wom(In) Sports. 


Wom(In) Sports was created as a Senior Project for the Athena Scholars Program at Barnard College in 2017.